6 Tips for Your Child’s Healthy Smile

6 Tips For Your Child’s Healthy Smile

We understand the challenge to keep children motivated to maintain a healthy dental regime. We have offered a few tips below to help with a bright and healthy smile for your child.

1. Encourage them to drink plenty of water 

Plain water is beneficial to your overall health. For oral health in particular, regular water consumption helps immensely by producing saliva, which keeps their teeth clean and removes bacteria. So the next time your child asks for a soft drink, encourage them to have a glass of water rather than soda or fruit juice.

2. Cut back on sugar

We know children love a good chocolate bar, but sugar is among the biggest contributors to cavities and poor dental health. It interacts with bacteria within the plaque and turns to acid, which eats away the enamel of your child’s teeth. This causes cavities, bad breath, pain, early extractions, and other dental problems that were preventable. 

3. Regular brushing and flossing

Brushing your child’s teeth does not have to be complicated. Ensure your child brushes for 2 minutes twice a day; a timer may be helpful. Meanwhile, before your baby’s teeth show up, use a washcloth and clean your baby’s gums. This will help keep your baby’s mouth clean and train them for a lifetime of healthy brushing habits. 

The best way to prevent cavities between teeth is to floss and keep your child’s smile as healthy as possible.

4. Teeth should only be used to chew food

For a healthy smile, healthy teeth are essential but children have a tendency to bite fingernails, chew on pencils or open packages with their teeth. It is important to educate them regarding the problems this will create in the future, due to the undue pressure on their teeth and gums.

5. Discourage finger-sucking reflexes

Babies have natural sucking reflexes that may lead them to suck their fingers or thumbs. This can lead to undesirable changes in the alignment of their teeth or mouth. It is important to work with your child from an early age to avoid undesirable habits and see how your child is rewarded with a healthy smile.

6. Schedule regular dental checkups

Your child must see the dentist regularly at least twice a year. These routine dental visits will allow the dentist to check for cavities, remove built-up plaque/ tartar on your child’s teeth and reaffirm long-standing hygiene habits to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth.

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