8 Dental Care Tips For The Cold Season

8 Dental Care Tips For The Cold Season

Cold weather increases the risk of dental health problems but you can work around them by following 8 dental care tips listed below.

1. Follow the proper brushing technique

If you experience sensitivity in your teeth, especially during cold winter months, a soft-bristled toothbrush will help reduce the discomfort. Brush your teeth gently around the gums to avoid further irritation.

2. Stay hydrated

There is inadequate moisture in the air during winter and the indoor air is also dry, which may result in dehydration. Water will help form saliva, which naturally helps to clean and reduce bacteria that cause dental decay. It is still vital to drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily to stay hydrated.

3. Keep a tab on your sugar intake

Excess sugar consumption is one of the major causes of caries, which leads to caries-related sensitivity. To maintain good oral health, you must limit the amount of sugar that is consumed.

4. Avoid acidic food and beverages

Food and drinks that are acidic, soften the outside of your enamel, making them more susceptible to decay and erosion. It is important to watch your diet and sip water after consuming acidic foods and drinks.

5. Use a mouth guard

A mouth guard lowers the chances of dental injuries during physical activity including sports. It also provides protection for your teeth during chilly Canadian winters. Consult us if you are unsure whether you need a mouth guard. 

6. Breathe in through your nose

While outdoors, inhaling through your nose prevents cold air from hitting your teeth directly, preventing sensitivity and damage. Additionally, exhaling through the mouth helps warm air from your lungs to keep the teeth warm.

7. Use a scarf

Wearing a scarf can help in keeping your neck and lower jaw warm. This will help in reducing clenching habits due to the cold. If required you can also cover your mouth.

8. Visit the dentist regularly

Regular dental checkups can help detect oral problems no matter how minor they seem and can help prevent major health issues such as heart problems. Book an appointment immediately if you experience pain or other discomforts in the mouth.

Bonus tip: Wash your hands as often as you can

Cold sores tend to erupt during the colder months of the year. Ensure you wash and sanitize your hands as much as possible. Additionally, frequent hand washing helps ward off the seasonal flu.

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