Why Is Professional Teeth Cleaning So Important ?

Why Is Professional Teeth Cleaning So Important?

We all grew up with the understanding that daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash are sufficient to maintain good dental health. The truth is that at-home dental hygiene routines must be supplemented by professional teeth cleaning that is performed by expert oral health specialists.

If you have exceeded six months since your last visit to the dentist for professional cleaning, “NOW” is the time to schedule an appointment.

Professional teeth cleaning is vital for several reasons – a few of which are listed below:

1. It is Thorough

Your toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash do an admirable job of cleaning food and bacteria from the teeth. However, floss and toothbrush bristles are only partially effective in comparison to the tools used by your dentist. It is very interesting to realize, how tiny the area between the teeth and some other places in the mouth are – your toothbrush bristles and floss simply cannot reach these places.

Professional dental hygienists are equipped to deal with tough plaque, tar-tar, dental film, residual food particles, and other oral health threats.

2. Crucial for A Beautiful Smile

Most over-the-counter products designed to enhance smiles fall short in comparison with professional teeth cleaning. Opting for professional teeth cleaning will leave you feeling safe, in knowing that an expert is cleaning away plaque.

Professional teeth cleaning does not always trigger sensitivity as retail products do.  This may be the reason a growing number of people choose to take expert care in times of emergency. Teeth cleaning also eliminates stains, removes surface imperfections, and polishes the teeth so they look whiter and brighter.

3. Helps Fight Gum Disease

Gum disease impacts tissue surrounding the teeth, causing bad breath and possible bone loss if not treated at the earliest signs. The gums progressively weaken as gum disease spreads. Your dentist can diagnose certain risk factors associated with gum disease and treat them before they worsen.

4. Essential for Treating Cavity

One of the primary causes of cavities is plaque. Plaque covers your teeth, forming a slimy film that destroys tooth enamel. Since the enamel cannot be regenerated, your teeth gradually decay over time,  leading to cavities. Professional cleaning ensures total plaque removal that is not entirely possible by brushing alone.

Professional teeth cleaning is vital for more than one reason.  

To avail of professional dental cleaning services, visit Dr. Beena George Dentistry located in Mississauga.

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