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One of the first things people notice when meeting someone for the first time is a brilliant white smile. Unfortunately, surface stains from food, drink, or cigarette use can aggravate the issue of teeth darkening with age. As a result, it’s normal for many people to notice that their teeth have become yellowed or tarnished.  Teeth whitening in Mississauga is Blooming day by day.

Professional in-office teeth whitening procedures can lighten this discoloration and bring back your teeth’s original brilliance. There are two types of teeth-whitening procedures used. A dentist may use surface whiteners or bleach depending on your needs.  

Surface Whiteners  

Abrasives are used in gels or pastes called surface whiteners to brighten your teeth. The method is comparable to how toothpaste removes plaque from teeth by using minute abrasive particles. Surface whiteners contain abrasives that are abrasive enough to remove stains so they may be cleaned away but not so abrasive about wearing down enamel or causing tooth wear.

Yet, keep in mind that these solutions do not clean tartar from your teeth. To get rid of this and maintain the healthiest possible condition for your teeth and gums, you will still need expert dental cleaning.

One of the most popular products being offered for teeth whitening is activated charcoal. Your teeth’s surface stains may be removed with toothpaste that contains activated charcoal. Charcoal has a little abrasive effect and has a limited capacity to absorb surface stains. There is no proof that it whitens teeth naturally or affects stains that are below the enamel of the tooth.  


Bleaches with peroxide as their main ingredient are used to whiten teeth and deliver great results. But, not every situation responds well to these formulas. With peroxide-based therapy, patients with fillings, crowns, root canals, and heavy stains on their front teeth may have difficulty reaching the shade they desire.

In certain circumstances, other whitening techniques could result in a more attractive result. Before teeth whitening, our Mississauga dentist’s office will check your teeth and provide suggestions for the treatments likely to produce the desired results.

Why Teeth Darken?

Teeth become more absorbent and vulnerable to stains from food and other substances as they grow. As the outer layer of enamel is worn away, the dentin, the denser tissue within your teeth, may become visible.

Because of the natural attraction of food particles to tooth enamel, beverages including coffee and tea, berries, and soy sauce are known for discoloring teeth.

To prevent the effects of aging and abuse from food and cigarette stains, more and more people are choosing tooth-whitening procedures today.

Natural Teeth Whitening vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

Local pharmacies have a wide variety of solutions for teeth whitening in Mississauga, but customers should be cautious about the ones they use and buy. Some methods, especially “natural” teeth-whitening solutions like charcoal and coconut oil teeth pulling, have not been well tested for efficacy and safety and may have unexpected side effects. It’s important to have in mind that charcoal is abrasive and can harm teeth. The American Dental Association does not advise using these DIY tooth whitening techniques.

Moreover, over-the-counter whitening toothpaste and strips are a much weaker version of the whitening chemicals used in dental clinics; yet, they can produce results over time. The most secure and efficient way to instantly lighten teeth is through professional teeth whitening. Please contact our helpful and pleasant staff if you would like more details on which whitening procedures are suitable for your goals and needs.

What Is the Durability of Teeth Whitening Results?

How well you take care of your teeth and whether your diet contains foods and beverages that might discolor teeth will determine how long they can stay pearly white. Berries and other foods, as well as coffee, tea, and soda, might make you lose your smile. Smoking will also make you turn yellow. If you take good care of your teeth, the benefits should last for at least six months. Regular touch-up procedures may keep your smile looking great all year long. For a one-time extra cost, we provide a “Whitening for Life” service that will let you regularly brighten your smile.

How much does Mississauga teeth whitening cost?

The cost of the teeth whitening in Mississauga varies according to:

  • Type of procedures you select
  • How many sessions are needed?
  • How many shades do you want to brighten your teeth?
  • If you want to have extra treatments
  • Other factors

Our dental team will be pleased to go through your choices with you if you are interested in professional whitening procedures. We can provide you with a more precise cost estimate after we are aware of the specifics of the treatment you want.

Our team works hard to give our patients high-quality care at Dr. Beena George. We understand how important it is to have a smile that sparkles. So, we provide free consultations for new patients considering teeth whitening so you can make the best decision.

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