Root Canal Treatment

A dentist does root canal treatment to manage damaged or infected teeth. This procedure helps to keep the teeth instead of extracting them.

The treatment is necessary when the inside areas of teeth get inflamed or infected. This area contains nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels.

One of the common causes of infected teeth is cavities. It can form due to many reasons, such as plaque, gum disease, chipped tooth, etc.

Furthermore, it can even occur due to repeated treatments on a single tooth. These are the things that can damage the pulp region of a tooth.

A damaged pulp causes extreme pain and there are chances to infect other teeth. So it is advisable to take immediate care by visiting a dentist.

How are root canal treatments done?

The root canal procedure is usually performed in session. It can take one sitting or more depending on the condition of the infected tooth. Each session may take about 30 to 90 minutes.

Let us focus on the ways how a dentist completes the entire process.

  1. In the beginning, doctors use local anesthesia to examine the teeth that are to be examined.
  1. After the anesthesia starts to show its effect, the dentist drills the outer layer of the tooth. If it is front teeth, the doctor drills from behind.
  2. With the use of advanced instruments, the doctor cleans out the infected pulp from the canal. The procedure takes place when the area is under anesthesia, so there is no pain.
  3. When all the infected tissue is removed, the dentist cleans the area using a disinfectant.
  4. There is a shape given to the canal area and there is a kind of filling used within. After filling the canal, the dentist seals the region. This whole process includes many cleaning sessions to remove any debris.
  5. Now a covering is placed on top of the operated tooth, which is as a crown or cap. This crown looks exactly like a tooth, and it is very difficult to differentiate from a real one.
  6. This cap is permanently fixed in place so that it is not displaced.

The side effect of root canal procedure

  1. The most common side effect of this process is the constant pain that comes along. It takes certain days after the treatment for pain to overcome.
  2. Many times, there might be a crack at the root. This leaves the root area exposed to bacteria, thereby leading to infection.
  3. Sometimes due to mishaps, the crown might come off. This can be a problem as it might expose the root, thereby creating a breeding ground for bacteria. So if such situations occur, then you should go to the dentist immediately to fix them.
  4. The primary thing is to use high-quality products while doing a filling. If quality is not used, then they may get eroded and can cause bacterial infection.

The things to follow to prevent root canal procedure

There are several things that you need to follow to keep a root canal process away. This includes:

  1. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily.
  2. You should visit a dentist every 6 months for a full dental checkup.
  3. If your dentist detects any oral issue, then get prompt treatment.
  4. A root canal is the only way to save a tooth and helps you to keep it rather than exaction.

Final thoughts!

Maintaining good oral hygiene is necessary. It helps to prevent serious health issues. Regular brushing and flossing protect you from going through a root canal process. We at Dr. Beena George dentistry provide the most advanced root canal treatment. Feel free to contact us through the website by filling up certain credentials.

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