Cosmetic Dentist in Mississauga

Have you always wanted that sparkly white smile? If yes, then only the best cosmetic dentist in Mississauga can give you the smile of your desire. Such dental professionals have feasible treatment options with them to turn your dream smile into a reality. According to your individual needs and requirements, they will suggest you the best cosmetic dental treatments. Furthermore, they will brief you on the necessity of those procedures and their associated benefits. So, once you visit your dentist’s chamber, here are some of the common cosmetic dental treatments you can expect in return.

Enamel Abrasion

This treatment aims at removing tooth discolouration effectively. During the entire procedure, the top cosmetic dentist in Mississauga will use fine pumice within a micro-abrasion. That’s how your dental professional will remove the surface stains accordingly. Through this treatment, apparent stains resulting from soda, wine, coffee and tobacco items can be removed easily. However, enamel abrasion is ineffective for stains deep inside the tooth. So, consult your dentist and he or she will tell you whether or not you need this treatment imperatively.

Invisalign Braces

Conventionally, people think that braces are meant only for children. Surprisingly, an increasing number of adults are opting for braces to get the smile they’ve always wished for. So, if braces are what you want then Invisalign braces are the best option to go with. This is because no one can feel that you are wearing these braces. They look like a natural part of your teeth, so anyone would hardly understand their presence. Aside from enhancing your dental beauty, this treatment also corrects misaligned teeth. As a result, you can stay away from conditions like severe headaches resulting from such dental ailments. So, get this treatment today and reap its benefits as much as possible.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are considered one of the finest treatments in the field of cosmetic dentistry. A lot of people have already availed of this procedure within the past few decades. In this process, veneers which are thin shells of porcelain are customized to fit on the teeth’s facial surface. Firstly, your tooth’s enamel is filed down gently. After that, your dentist takes an impression of it. Subsequently, the dental lab receives it to customize the veneers according to the patient’s choice. Until then, you can wear a set of temporary veneers for the time being. This procedure is perfect for people suffering from dark staining, fractured front or chipped teeth etc.

Enamel Bonding

Do you have chipped teeth or teeth with dark stains? Then the best cosmetic dentist in Mississauga will recommend you the treatment of enamel bonding. It is similar to white dental fillings where composite bonding material is used to make the framework. The material can also be moulded which allows your dentist to shape it according to your individual choice. However, it is not as durable as dental veneers and this is the only disadvantage of this procedure. This is also the reason why so many people are choosing veneers over enamel bonding.

Tooth Bleaching

Do you want to alter your smile a bit? If yes then tooth bleaching is the perfect dental treatment to choose. This treatment option is perfect for those who want to brighten up their smile slightly. Similarly, individuals who wish to keep their dental procedure simple yet effective can go for this cosmetic dental surgery. Besides, tooth bleaching is quite pocket-friendly, so one can afford it easily. What’s more, the convenience of this treatment allows you to do it from the comfort of your home or office. However, a professional dentist can perform the entire process more quickly and effortlessly.

Benefits of cosmetic dentistry

Getting a cosmetic dental treatment done entails many benefits for the patient including the ones below.

Improved oral health: Cosmetic dentistry keeps you safe from conditions like periodontal disease, tooth decay and other related dental issues. This in return improves your overall dental health.

Increased self-esteem: Through cosmetic dentistry, you can get that impeccable smile you’ve always craved for. When that happens, your self-confidence increases automatically.

Flawless smile: Cosmetic dentistry allows you to correct any possible flaw in your smile. As a result, you can attain a faultless smirk that only your cosmetic dentist can give you.

Long-lasting outcomes: The results of cosmetic dental treatments are often evident from day one itself. Plus, the treatment outcomes last for years or sometimes decades to come. Consequently, the patient hardly finds it necessary to go for follow-up treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry is a diverse field comprised of a variety of effective dental treatments. Schedule an appointment with the best cosmetic dentist in Mississauga and get the treatment of your choice. Dr Beena George provides state-of-the-art cosmetic dental therapies at affordable price options.

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