Interesting facts about teeth-whitening

Every person craves that sparkling white smile. Such a smile can make you attractive to the eyes of others. The best way to do that is by undergoing a session of the professional Teeth whitening in Mississauga effectively. This method is particularly useful for those who suffer from conditions like tooth discolouration or stained teeth etc. When done properly, professional teeth whitening can give you an amazing smile that you were missing for so long. Interestingly, there are quite a few astonishing facts related to this treatment. Continue reading today’s post to learn more.

Whitened teeth cannot be flawless

No matter how effective the teeth-whitening treatment is, it cannot give you that impeccable smile. This is because a session of the Teeth whitening in Mississauga can only remove the stains from your teeth. Apart from that the natural colour and look of your teeth will remain the same. Since a person is already born with these features, teeth-whitening can only enhance their appearance favourably. In short, teeth whitening can give you a sleek smile but not a flawlessly sleek smile.

Whitening your teeth before bed is the best

If you whiten your teeth in the morning or afternoon, chances are there that your teeth will start staining again after some time. The pores in your teeth remain open comparatively more at that time. Hence, these pores allow the stains get inside. That’s why it is best to whiten your teeth at night. Doing so will give your teeth the time to remineralize and rehydrate properly. It’s even better to follow this procedure using a fluoride-based desensitizing gel. This gel will replenish and nourish everything during the remineralization process. As a result, the entire tooth-whitening spree will become all the more effective.

Veneers and caps cannot be whitened

Veneers and caps are primarily installed to simulate the colour of your natural teeth. The material used is either a bit darker or lighter in tone according to the colour of one’s teeth. Unfortunately, this colour cannot be changed. So, regardless of whether you’ve caps or veneers, neither it can be stained nor it can be whitened. As a result, any of these coverings won’t be affected by the process of teeth-whitening.

Removal of the teeth stains takes time

It is impossible to whiten the teeth within a few hours or a day irrespective of how effective the product is. Also, no tooth-whitening product can penetrate deep inside the teeth at such a speed. Everything takes time, so teeth-whitening cannot be an exception. This is the reason people go to dentists to get their customized whitening trays made. The process is a bit time-consuming but the results are outstanding. Hence, a typical treatment of Teeth whitening in Mississauga can take a couple of days or even months.

Who must choose teeth-whitening?

Patients who have severe stains must opt for a teeth-whitening session. Each session helps remove stains that have accumulated for so many years. Subsequently, maintaining your whitened teeth is super easy with the eradication of these stains.

UV Light or laser teeth whitening is temporary

In UV light teeth whitening, a frequency of light is used that allows the whitening gel to work faster. This procedure is regulated by FDA and can be conducted only under a dentist’s vigilance. Although, people with sensitive teeth should not go for this treatment at all. What’s more, the results are usually temporary. So, to maintain the effectiveness of this tooth-whitening option, there are two options that you can choose. Firstly, you can make your customized whitening trays to serve this purpose. Secondly, you need to visit the dentist’s chamber at continual intervals to do the same. Hence, think twice before opting for this treatment.

Post-teeth-whitening sensitivity is natural

Damaged or cracked teeth, thin enamel or genetics often lead to sensitive teeth amongst the mass. This sensitivity may increase a bit after the teeth-whitening process is done which is quite natural. The patient’s teeth become dehydrated temporarily which prevents them from insulating the nerve from the temperature fluctuations. Rest assured that the sensitivity will go away within twelve to thirty-six hours after the treatment. Subsequently, a lot of dentists suggest a post-whitening fluoride session to rehydrate and nourish the teeth furthermore.

Teeth-whitening will not damage your teeth

Manhandling your teeth such as brushing them forcibly can lead to their ultimate damage. Conversely, professional teeth-whitening can show remarkable results if done in the proper and expected way. The whole process uses effective ingredients to lift stains and open pores temporarily in your teeth. Consequently, each session rehydrates and remineralizes your teeth to give them the desired whiteness.

Get that squeaky white smile!Teeth whitening can give you that sparkly white smile that you have always wanted. Get a session of the Teeth whitening in Mississauga today to attain your dream smile effortlessly. Needless to say, Dr Beena George can plan the finest teeth-whitening session for you according to your tailored needs.

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