Eat These Foods to Fight Bad Breath

Eat These Foods to Fight Bad Breath

Your breath is a key indicator of not just your dental health but your overall health as well. Bad breath, or Halitosis, plagues roughly half of the world’s population. Did you know that there is a simple way you can find out if you have bad breath? Lick your wrist and let it dry for some seconds. The smell will tell you whether you have Halitosis or not. Check this blog out to know about foods that help fight Halitosis.

Causes of Halitosis

Your mouth can have leftover bacteria from whatever food you ate. If you do not properly remove them, it can lead to an unpleasant smell in the mouth. Some food items such as garlic and onions contain smelly oils, which reach your lungs through the blood. When you consume these and talk, you are breath brings these smells out.

Besides this, there are various other reasons behind bad breath. It can signify many underlying health conditions such as sleep apnea, acid reflux, and diabetes. Halitosis has deeper connections with your physical health than we can imagine. However, there are natural remedies to this problem. In the same way that food can cause bad breath, it can help cure it as well! For good dental health and hygiene, ensure these 10 items are part of your regular eating plans.

1. Raw Fruits and Veggies

Raw fruits and vegetables are like superheroes in the food world. They contain fiber which keeps the mouth clean and fresh – much like your toothbrush. Items such as apples, celery, kale, and carrots are fibrous and your mouth produces saliva when you eat them.  It also means that the foods pass quickly through the intestines. This quick digestion prevents bad breath from developing.

Fruits and vegetables that are high in both fiber and vitamin C are more efficient and effective against Halitosis, since Vitamin C prevents bacteria from growing in the mouth. This in turn prevents gum diseases. For fresh breath dental health, don’t forget to pack greens in your lunchbox today!

2. Yogurt

Yogurt contains a high percentage of vitamin D that reduces the growth of bacteria in your mouth and body. Further, it is rich in good bacteria, which makes yogurt a great soldier in your battle against bad breath! The international Association of Dental Research conducted a study and concluded that people who ate three ounces of sugar-free yogurt twice daily for six weeks reported lower amounts of bacteria-generating compounds.

3. Cherries

Methyl Mercaptan is found naturally in foods like onions and some cheeses (that contain this foul-smelling gas) and causes bad breath. Cherries are a great way to remove this smell from your mouth.

4. Ginger

Ginger, besides being a superhero antidote for stomach issues, helps neutralize bad breath as well. Have one piece after your meals and see how fresh your mouth feels!

5. Green Tea

Everybody drinks green tea in order to lose body weight. Do you know about its bacteria fighting qualities? Green tea is rich in catechins that are natural oxidants, in addition to polyphenols that are highly effective against bacteria that causes bad breath. Black tea is also very helpful. However, too much of the latter can cause dry mouth that can work against good dental health. A cup between your meals is good enough for fresh breath and digestion.

6. Herbs and Spices

Do you chew gum to mask bad breath? In the past, people used herbs and spices for the same reason. Natural herbs like basil and parsley contain polyphenols and chlorophyll that are great remedies against bad breath. Experts also suggest that spices like cinnamon are helpful. Cinnamon oil helps in breaking down sulfurous compounds which cause stinky breath.

7. Melons and Citrus

Both have high quantity of vitamin C. Thus, they are quite effective against halitosis-causing gingivitis and other oral health problems.

8. Sugarless Gum

It loosens and removes dead cells as well as food from your teeth. Thus, bacteria have lesser ingredients to create bad odour with. However, stay away from gum sweetened with sugar, which can lead to further dental health issues. Gums sweetened with natural alternatives like xylitol are beneficial.

9. Dark Chocolate

The low sugar-content reduces the buildup of bacteria and plaque in your mouth. Cacao powder contains CBH that strengthens enamel, thereby reducing decay. Regular Milk Chocolate has lesser amounts of CBH, though not very significant. Who would have thought chocolate would be good for your dental health, eh? Do not confuse “cacao” with “cocoa” – the latter contains fewer nutrients and is often mixed with sugar.

10. Water

It cannot be stressed enough regarding how crucial water is for your overall physical health. It naturally flushes out food particles and dead cells from your mouth. Thus, elements which cause bad breath do not find a hospitable enough climate to thrive.

Final Words

Regular brushing and flossing also ensures that your mouth is in prime condition. Another essential is regular dental checkups. At Dr. Beena George Dentistry, you will receive holistic dental care for yourself and your whole family. We will provide professional care to ensure that you receive optimal dental services. Contact us today for bookings and further details.

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