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Debunking a Few Myths Related to Root Canal Treatment

Suppose you have been informed that you need to undergo a root canal treatment. And you do not have much information. So your go-to source will be the Internet, right? But, the net is filled with all sorts of information. Some are helpful, some not so much. Unreliable sources and inaccurate information plague the net. So, there are high chances that you will be scared out of your brains about this popular but misunderstood dental treatment. So, today I will take you through some myths surrounding the root canal treatment for better understanding.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment refers to a dental procedure. This removes the pulp or the soft center of our tooth. The pulp is built of connective tissues, blood vessels and nerves which aid the growth of the tooth.

When Do You Need It?

When this pulp or the soft inner portion of the tooth is injured or infected and becomes inflamed, a root canal treatment is performed. The part of the tooth that is visible to naked eyes is known as the crown. Now, the crown can stand intact even when the pulp is rotten and dead. So, the structure of the tooth is best protected and preserved when infected pulp is removed. Your dental and overall health is also affected so regular checkups at a dentist’s is highly advisable.

Reasons Our Pulp is Affected

There are some common ways by which your pulp can be damaged. Knowing this helps you take better care of your teeth and dental health. So here goes the list:

Symptoms that the Pulp is Not Okay

Pain in the tooth usually signifies a damaged or hurt pulp. If you feel a swelling or heat sensation in the gums, that can mean problems too. In such cases, careful examination of the mouth becomes necessary. Your dentist can do X-rays and other tests to find out the nature and extent of the damage. They may refer you to an endodontists for a root canal treatment if they so determine.

Myths Related to Root Canal Therapy

If you are scared of root canal treatment, you are not alone. Most people will feel a shiver go down their spine on being told that they need one. The images of heavy pliers-like machines, blood and stern doctor can put anyone off. However, the Internet not just exaggerates many of the effects but downright provides misinformation as well. We have collected and debunked (well, at least tried to) some of the myths circulating around the process on the net.

1. It is painful

Everyone thinks that root canal therapy is an excruciating process. That is a widespread misconception shared by many. However, root canal is done to relieve you from the pain. It is done when the untreated cavity in your mouth spreads to the pulp of your tooth. This can cause infection and immeasurable pain. Experts at Dr.Beena George dentistry will handle it so that you feel minimum pain but gain maximum relief.

2. It is risky

Well, no it is not.  On the contrary, not getting it done or delaying can cause risk to your dental and overall health. Thus, timely RCT can save your tooth and gum and prevent further health risks.

3. It is time-consuming and needs many appointments

There are a few factors that determine how many sessions you will need such as:

Thus, based on these things, your treatment can be done in two or maybe four sessions. The restoring of the tooth that is done after the therapy is not considered.

4. It is expensive and costly

Tooth extraction and replacement with a dental implant or a bridge will cost you more money than a root canal. Also, the costs depend on the number of canals in your tooth, first time or re-treatment and the doctor who’s performing.. 

5. It provides temporary relief

On the contrary, you get long-lasting relief from undergoing a root canal therapy. Your toothaches are gone and the tooth is preserved in a healthy manner. The final restoration or the crown is critical for the therapy to be successful.

6. Tooth extraction is better

Sometimes, people opt for tooth extraction to save money and time. They, however, fail to understand that they may need more extensive and costly treatments in the future.

Final WordsIn root canal treatment, like with everything else, there is no rule of thumb and hence, do not make decisions on hearsay. If you are experiencing pain or inflammation, or if your mouth has sustained an injury in recent times, visit a dentist near you.

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