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Five common dentistry myths

Myths about dentistry are not an uncommon phenomenon nowadays. These myths and misconceptions are becoming widespread with each passing day. A lot of people think that most dental treatments are quite painful. Plus, a lot of people also think that visiting the dentist at continual intervals is not necessary. So, we can say that there are many myths in dentistry in Mississauga that you hardly know. Want to know more about these wrong ideas and beliefs about dentistry? Then, read the guide below as you get familiar with the five common myths related to Dentistry.

Chewing sugarless gum is a substitute for brushing

Chewing sugarless gum can be an amazing substitute for brushing your teeth. This is a misconception. What if you were told to have a heavy breakfast in the morning and skip your dinner accordingly? Hopefully, you won’t do that, right? Likewise, no dental care procedure can replace the habit of brushing at all. So, regardless of what you eat or read in journals and newspapers, brushing your teeth should be an imperative part of your dental regime. Get in touch with the top clinic of dentistry in Mississauga and the dentists over there will tell you to do the same.

Teeth whitening can harm your enamel greatly.

A lot of people also have this wrong concept that whitening their teeth will affect their enamel to a great extent. Although, the process is done quite carefully, if certain limitations are crossed, then, it can harm your enamel somewhat. That’s why the entire treatment is conducted with a great deal of care and attention. While doing so, the dentists will have to plan every step of the treatment mindfully. Also, they need to carry out every bleaching sitting moderately. If done in such a way, the outcomes of this treatment will be excellent. Then, its long-term maintenance will be possible via continual sessions of removal and cleaning of your stains. Finally, it depends on the oral hygiene that you maintain that will retain the effectiveness of your teeth whitening treatment.

A decayed tooth in a poor condition needs immediate removal

This is yet another myth or misconception about the field of dentistry in Mississauga for sure. Yes, you should remove that tooth from your mouth that is already damaged. Moreover, it’s giving you an excruciating sensation, then, why not extract it right away? However, whenever you do that, you are triggering a consecutive reaction inside your mouth. Plus, it can cause furthermore dental issues in you that you had hardly imagined. So, rather than remaining in this turmoil, it’s always feasible to consult a dentist nearby in your area. After telling your dentist about the problem, he or she will find you an effective solution to it accordingly. In return, you will achieve more improved oral health than before.

Sugar mainly results in cavities in your teeth

Well, it is easy to blame sugar for all the cavities that are occurring in your teeth. However, you need to understand that teeth-related decay is quite a complicated process. Different factors contribute differently to this condition. Also, sugar alone doesn’t lead to the occurrence of cavities in your mouth. These cavities occur due to the bacteria that produce harmful acids within your enamel. They do that primary by ingesting the particles of food that are stubborn enough to stay stuck or remain on the surfaces of your tooth for hours. These bacteria enthusiastically consume all the food particles that remain between your teeth. So, sugar is an associated component that aggravates the recurrence of these cavities time and again in your mouth.

Frequent brushing is imperative

Many people again think that brushing their teeth frequently as many as five to six times will keep their gums and teeth healthy and clean. However, it’s a sheer myth and brushing your teeth at a frequency like that will harm your enamel greatly. Since enamel is the outermost layer of your teeth, brushing it excessively will only put it in danger. So, brush your teeth moderately not more than thrice a day.

Final Thoughts!                                                          

So, these were the five common myths about dentistry in Mississauga that have been debunked in the post above. Should you consider getting top-quality dental treatments, reach out to Dr Beena George immediately.

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