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How to ensure the best dental hygiene for your kids?

A large part of the overall health of your child depends on his or her oral hygiene. Healthy teeth play a major role in keeping your kids physically fit. Effective dental care is possible, only when your child follows a proper dental-care regime, so when it comes to dental hygiene for kids, serious consideration must be given for this aspect. Many parents have similar concerns regarding their kids’ dental health, so read on for tips to care for your children’s teeth.

The right time for Kids’ dental care

Proper dental care begins before your child’s first tooth comes out. The initial teeth are not visible initially, but they are growing inside your child’s mouth. A typical new-born has a set of twenty primary teeth right from birth. Some of these teeth are fairly well-developed within your child’s jaw. This is why dental hygiene for kids should be considered as a high priority by parents.

Kid-friendly dental hygiene tips

Lack of oral care for your kids can make children suffer from many dental ailments. Oral infections, dental diseases and other teeth-related issues can harm your child’s overall health. Visit Dr. Beena George Dentistry in Mississauga to ensure quality oral care for your child and introduce your child to the dentist. This will introduce a good regimen and help build trust with your dentist, rather than when your child visits the dentist for the first time with a painful tooth condition. Below are some useful dental hygiene tips which must be followed for your child regularly.

Infant Brushing

After your baby’s teeth show, start brushing their teeth with an infant toothbrush. We recommend not using a fluoride toothpaste till the child is able to spit. When the child is older and able to spit, fluoridated children’s toothpaste is recommended. Please ensure the child does not  swallow  leftovers of any toothpaste you are using.

Pre-dental Regime

Sometimes, your kid’s gums can become susceptible to various harmful bacteria even before their teeth have grown fully. This is where the importance of pre-dental care would have been beneficial. As a parent, you must follow the simple steps below for your infant’s dental hygiene. Take a clean wash-cloth and make sure it is adequately damp. Now, run it gently on your child’s gums to keep dangerous bacteria at bay.

Start the brushing and flossing routine

Brushing as well as flossing should be introduced as a routine when your child is two years old. You can use a soft and small toothbrush according to the size of your child’s mouth. Now brush your kid’s teeth every day with water, not less than twice a day. While doing so, gradually you can use a little fluoride-free toothpaste on your child’s toothbrush. If your child swallows this small quantity toothpaste, he or she can do that safely. Encourage them to spit the toothpaste every time.

When to use Fluoride toothpaste?

After your child is trained well enough, you should start the use of a fluoride toothpaste. Make sure that you start with only a small amount of fluoride toothpaste. The perfect time to switch your child to a fluoride toothpaste is when you are convinced that he or she spits out toothpaste properly. Your child should also spread the toothpaste between their tongue, gums and teeth. Dr. Beena George Dentistry is the best dentist in Mississauga who can show your child the correct steps to brush his or her teeth properly. Until your child is seven to eight years old, you will need to help them with brushing their teeth.

Time to use bigger toothbrushes

When your child becomes seven to eight years of age, you must change his or her toothbrush. Choose a slightly larger toothbrush for your kid this time. The moment bristles look a little worn-out, change your child’s toothbrush immediately. Also, remember to change their toothbrushes every three to six months. In addition to that, ensure your child brushes his or her teeth for at least two minutes.

Importance of Flossing and tongue cleaning

Just like brushing, flossing is equally important for your child. Train your child to floss his or her teeth at least once a day. Introduce your child to floss with long handles to make flossing easy for your child. In addition to flossing, cleaning his or her tongue everyday should be of equal importance to your kid. This reduces the number of harmful bacteria inside your child’s mouth. This is why your child must learn to brush his or her teeth every day before going to bed, after they are done with all the drinking and eating for the day.

Importance of Fluoride

Fluoride is an effective agent in reducing cavities in kids with primary teeth, or adult teeth. It hardens the tooth enamel, thereby making the teeth stronger. Many children have access to fluoride in their drinking water. This is the reason why several cities add fluoride to their tap water. Alternatively, your kids can consume an oral fluoride supplement if you know that the water in your area does not have fluoride in it. Before taking any steps in this direction, you should reach out to the best dentist in Mississauga (Dr. Beena George Dentistry) to know whether your child must consume fluoride indispensably.

Excess fluoride is harmful

Excessive fluoride can harm your child’s health quite a bit. What’s more, it can lead to tooth stains as well. You must ensure that your child does not swallow fluoride mouthwash or toothpaste.

Final Note

Every parent obviously wants the best dental hygiene for kids. Read the information above to ensure the best oral care for your child, and contact Dr Beena George Dentistry to receive the best dentist care in Mississauga.

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