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5 Tips for your Child’s Dental journey

As a parent, there are many exciting “firsts” that you experience with your child. From first steps to words, to teeth, it goes on and on. “Taking your child to the dentist for the first time” is another first that can make a big difference in your child’s life. However, it is quite daunting for a young child and also for a first-time parent. To make things easy, we have listed 5 tips for your child’s first dental visit. Read on to know more about dental care for children.

Why should You be Careful about Your Kid’s Dental Health from an Early Age?

Taking care of a child’s dental health is of utmost importance. Early signs of decay can be detected and major illnesses avoided if proper dental hygiene is established at a young age. Your child’s overall health may be affected by their dental health. Proper dental care for children instills good habits in dental care. It is important to note that poor dental care can cause several long-term problems. Typically, adults with early dental health experience, see it as a normal part of life. But for a young child, the first trip to a dentist can be unsettling. Bringing your child to a dentist’s office when they are in pain is a traumatic experience that stresses everyone involved. We highly recommend that you introduce your child to visit us for routine dental checkups. As a family dentist in Mississauga, we work with children to build a comfortable relationship, right from their first visit to the dental office.

.5 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Their First Trip to The Dentist

If your child is having their first dental appointment, here are some steps you can take to help them prepare.

1. Stay Calm and Be Positive

Children often mirror our own behavior, so by instilling a positive attitude about oral hygiene in our children, we will enhance children’s enthusiasm about it. Children seek to discover and comprehend their bodies and the things they can do. For younger kids, having them identify where their teeth and gums are will help bring their awareness to that part of their body. It is also important to emphasize the importance of keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

2. Encourage Them

Children often pick up on their parents’ anxiety, so it is important to use words that inspire and reassure your child to help calm any possible anxieties about the dentist. Don’t let your own dentist-related anxieties transfer to your youngster. Instead, speak openly with them to overcome any dental phobia. Statements like – “we will show the dentist how well you brush your teeth” or “the dentist will count your teeth” will encourage them.

3. Expose Your Kids to Dental Care

You can browse through books with your kids and allow them to watch movies featuring animated characters that visit the dentist. This will likely inspire your kids to take care of their dental health and go to the dentist. You can also show them pictures of the office’s website or Instagram. Let them know how welcoming the dental staff will be, and what to expect during their visit. This will help them feel more comfortable about their visit.

4. Make Them Feel Safe and Secure

Some children turn to favorite toys, while others feel more comfortable being near their parents. Be confident and talk to your child as you enter the doctor’s office, which will let them feel safe knowing that you’re there for them. Allowing them to bring along their favorite toy if required will provide them additional support.

5. We will work to ensure your child is comfortable during the dentist appointment.

A quick conversation with your dental professional about your child’s favorite programs will allow us to prepare for their checkup in a positive light. This way a bond is created and the child feels more enthusiastic about their dental health. Kindly avoid discussions about any fears in your child’s presence.

Wrap Up

Our team at Dr. Beena George Dentistry takes dental care for children very seriously. We highly recommend that you bring your child for regular dental visits, long before there is a dental problem. We also want to make this experience as comfortable for you as possible. We aim to provide holistic dental care for your whole family. If you are concerned about Covid, please give us a call so we can let you know of the preventive steps we take. We leave no stone unturned to provide you the very best. If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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